Book Description

115 years of Nobel Prizes is a tribute to over 150 years of the best of human achievements in Science, Literature and Humanity.

  • 900 individuals and institutions
  • 201 in Physics, 172 in Chemistry
  • 210 in Medicine, 112 in Literature
  • 129 in Peace and 76 in Economics

have been recognised with the Prize so far and a journey through their lives and work is a search for human excellence and accomplishments of civilisation as it exists today.

Salient features between the pages of this book are

  • Alfred Nobel and his legacy
  • The Nobel Phenomenon
  • Individual contributions of all the 900 Nobel Laureates from 1901 to 2015
  • Alfred Nobel and his legacy
  • Photographs of all the Nobelists
  • Brief biography of the Laureates
  • Over 115 years of scientific progress that profiles each award winning work
  • A complete index of the Laureates for cross reference

ISBN 13: 978-93-7787-128-4