Encyclopedia of Nobel Laureates: 1901-2017 by P. T. Rajasekharan

The Encyclopedia of Nobel Laureates (1901-2017) published by Panther Publishers showcases brief biographical sketches and summary of individual achievements of the 923 Nobel Prize winners in the last 117 years since the time the first Nobel Prize was awarded. Conferred on "people who work for the greatest benefit of mankind", as per the last will of Alfred Nobel, himself a scientist who wrote poetry and drama, as well as worked for the promotion of peace, the Nobel Prize recognizes scientific, literary and humanistic accomplishments.

Encapsulating the complicated works of great men and women individually behind the betterment of humanity, Encyclopedia of Nobel Laureates (1901-2017) also provides an insight into the life and work of Alfred Nobel, his will that led to the formation of The Nobel Foundation, The Nobel Trust, Prize awardees of each discipline, making and designing of the medals and diploma that accompany the cash award.

Prof. Ulf Larsson, a Senior Curator at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, has provided the foreword, and says - "The history of the Nobel Prize is ongoing. Following it involves not just one, but several magnificent voyages along humanity's lines of development in our time. As a source of impetus and guidance for such voyages, this book fulfills an important mission".

The book carries an Introduction by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who also inaugurated the Nobel Prize exhibition when it visited India in October 2014, and an ardent follower of the Prize himself.

This comprehensive work is an authoritative study of the Nobel Phenomena and the lucidity of style makes this work a must for all those seeking definitive information on the Nobel Laureates.

P. T. Rajasekharan has been captivated by the Nobel Phenomenon for decades. A molecular biologist by training and a serious student of science, he has passionately followed and documented the works of many a Nobel Laureate since his college days.

Dr. Ulf Larsson is Senior Curator of the Nobel Museum, Stockholm. He is the author of several publications, including Alfred Nobel: Networks of Innovation, (Science History Publications: 2008)